Page 1: Welcome to the BSPS 2021 virtual Conference call for papers & online submission system

The 2021 Conference will again be virtual, building on the experience of the 2020 virtual Conference.

You are invited to submit proposals for presentations and posters for this online conference. Submissions from early-career researchers are welcomed. 

A provisional programme will be available in June. Within the virtual format, sessions will be shorter than at the in-person Conference, and are expected to last one hour, with 3-4 presentations per session. Presentations should be tailored to the virtual format and should avoid the temptation to try to cram in too much material. Discussion of presentations will form an important part of the sessions. It is anticipated that there will be at least three simultaneous sessions during each time slot, with 30-minute breaks between sessions.

Appreciating that networking is an integral part of conferences, BSPS is working towards making virtual networking part of this year’s Conference.  

Abstracts for papers and posters are invited across the entire demographic and population studies spectrum. Whilst any approach is welcome, a submission should have a demographic or population studies focus. Empirical submissions for oral presentations should include some results even though these may well be preliminary at the time of submission. Viability of stand‐alone strands and sessions will depend on sufficient submissions being received.

There is some duplication in topics between strands and sessions, especially with Covid-19. Please submit to the strand or session you think most appropriate. It may be necessary to move papers between sessions, but any such changes will be advised.

Information updates on the Conference will be posted to the BSPS website as available. See:

Please submit online by midnight at the end of Friday 23 April 2021.

A short abstract of up to 250 words is requested. Empirical submissions should cover research question, methods, data, results or preliminary results, and potential applications. Organisers may request further details of a submission or an extended abstract before final decisions are made. Short abstracts will appear on the Conference website and changes can be made up to the end of July. A full list of strand & session organisers can be found on the BSPS website. 

Choose an appropriate strand or session and submit at the end of this message. 

If you are unable to submit online, please contact for alternative arrangements.

Oral and poster submissions are given equal weight. Final decisions on papers and posters accepted for presentation will be emailed to submitting authors by late May/early June. In addition to the strands and sessions inviting submissions, there will also be a couple of closed sessions and training sessions, for which submissions are not being sought; these will be advised in the preliminary programme.

BSPS welcomes submissions for new training sessions, workshops & discussion groups, or other innovative formats, which can be submitted under 'Other' in the submissions drop-down menu. 

Call for Papers Notes

  • As the Conference will be virtual, a stable internet connection should be available, although it may be possible to include some pre-recorded presentations. 
  • A maximum of TWO submissions as first author and/or presenter for oral presentations, although additional poster submissions would be most welcome.
  • Submissions from non-members are welcomed but the presenter will be expected to join BSPS by the time of Conference. A membership application form can be found on the BSPS website. 
  • Poster competition: a prize fund of £100 in book vouchers is offered for the poster(s) judged the best on display. At least 50% of this prize will be awarded to the best student poster. All accepted posters are automatically entered for the poster prize. Posters will be posted to them BSPS website in advance of the Conference & then presented in a virtual poster session with 5 minutes per presenter plus discussion time. .